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New IUL Software

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Advisor's Resource is introducing a new service for their clients - Branded Life Insurance Concepts. It is a sales tool designed to make it easier for advisors to present concepts to their clients in a way that builds trust and understanding. After all, people will never buy if they don't understand.

An easier way to present

The life insurance industry is notorious for selling life insurance off of an illustration. Due to compliance,BLIC Concepts what used to be a few pages is now 20-30 pages of disclosures. Although we are all in favor of full disclosure, these pages are written in a way that is impossible for the average person to understand.

As a supplement to the compliance ledger, Branded Life Insurance Concepts has created output that integrates the values from the illustration into a sales presentation that is easy to follow, and therefore understandable.

Branded to your firm

What makes this tool unique is that it will be branded to each advisor that subscribes to the service. The user will create a profile which will contain not only their logo, but also their color scheme. As a result, each marketing piece will have the ability to be customized to their clients. For example, if you are working in the medical field, the images will contain doctors or nurses, if you are working with business owners, the images will be that of businesses.

The first offering (there are several more concepts coming soon) will be the best comparison tool on the market. It will feature a dynamic comparison between Cash Value Life Insurance to alternative methods of accumulating cash. You will have the ability to run a specific case with any carrier (as long as you can get the values into a spreadsheet and/or a CSV (comma separated values) file. Once uploaded, the software will calculate how much income you would get from alternatives using the same contributions as run in the life insurance proposal.

More than just point of sale material

In addition to that, there will be several support pieces available. These will include one page static pieces discussing the value and/or tax benefits of Cash Value Life Insurance. This service is available on a subscription bases for $50/month.

For more information, you can contact us at info@BLIConcepts.com.

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